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    I am interested in adding new ringers (other than .MIDI files) to my phone. I have read in different places that you can upload (from 3gupload) a .PVR file but I can't seem to get that to work. I think I have all of the necessary equip (including the SD card). Could someone throw me a bone please?!
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    get Lightwav and use mp3/wave files for ringtone.
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    Originally posted by smiley88
    get Lightwav and use mp3/wave files for ringtone.
    Wow, I never knew about this. Does it work well? I miss being able to hear the "You've Got Mail" .wav for incoming mail and also being able to use voice ringtones.

    Any feedback from someone using this software would be appreciated.
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    Originally posted by smiley88
    here is the discussion thread
    Thanks, works great.
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    Quote Originally Posted by smiley88
    the link is broken so, do you know were can i find the way toaad human voice ringtones to my Treo??
    Thank you
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    Is there a free alternative for adding midi ringtones?

    I don't like the idea of spending $20 for a ringtone app. I will exhaust every free possibility before purchasing software. people think that it's "cheap' when you've spent $500 for a phone but that's exactly WHY I don't want to pay more. Every little $15-$20 for each little software applet adds up. The only exceptions I have made are for some donations to freeware authors and I might purchase treobutler. It's pretty darn useful and is only $7.

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