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    OK, I have put on and taken off mad crap from my phone and now I wanna free it up as much as possible. can anyone post a list of what comes on the 600 after the first set-up? any help would be great (or just tell me how to find out). Thank you to all for any help.
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    re-install from cd (after making backup of current files) just in case...
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    ok, i be dumb so excuse Q's. if I just do a hard reset then re-install cd everything will be fine (meaning all crap that just takes up space will be gone?)? then I can just put back on anything I realy want?
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    A hard reset will put your phone back in the as-shipped condition. Just make sure you clean out your backup folder(s) or stuff will re-appear as soon as you Hotsync...
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    one last question. I just did the update, now if I do the hard reset and reload the cd will I have to do the update again. thanx 2 all for your patience.

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