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    I'm having a problem with SprintPCS BC that started today.

    I cannot download my email. When I connect everything looks fine and it says "receiving server updates" for about 1 or 2minutes then my Treo soft resets.

    As far as I can tell, no other application is giving me problems. IM Chatter, the browser, the phone, pocket tunes and PDA Net all seem to working fine.

    This afternoon, with this problem already established, I downloaded Sprint Treo version 1.1 and installed it. I have no change - everything works fine except BC.

    I've never had a problem with BC until today.

    Can anyone help?
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    Sounds like you might be experiencing the SMS/Treo600 problem everyone has been talking about the past few days? See this thread (among many others....)
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    I installed the updater. In addition, I uninstalled BC and re-installed it and no luck.

    I called sprintpcs data support, after an hour on hold and an with tech support, they cannot figure out the problem. So, I'm taking my treo in to a store with a techie to check it out.

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    I had this same problem but was able to get rid of the soft reset problem by using the option to 'Re-Register'. This process got rid of my soft resets. problem is that I receive the SMS 'trigger' but I dont get the system to 'Pull'.

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    arborjimb - Since you have updated your Treo it would seem that something else is causing the problem beyond the SMS problems that surfaced for everyone here this last week. Here's a few things to check:

    1. From the Dial Pad punch in ##377 and report back what it says.

    2. Look in your email Inbox through email and look at the last 75 messages to see if any of them have a very large TO: or CC: list of email names. I seem to recall there was a problem discovered where a large list of names ~500 or more is in the email then the device may reset. If you have your Sync Prefs set to 25 then you'll only need to look at the last 25.

    3. Another drastic test is to temporarily move the contents of your Inbox to another folder if it is not too cumbersome and then send one email to yourself from somewhere and sync it. That could help determine if it is email related or not.

    4. At the time of the device crash look in your C:\Program Files\Sprint\PCS Business Connection\slingshot.log file around the time od the device crash for the word "Exiting". If you can correlate the time then the Desktop might have crashed and thus caused a device crash.

    There are some more detailed steps to go through but starting here should give you some clues to start.
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    howardem - After you re-registered did you double check your Sync Prefs settings.

    Also did you happen to update to the 1.10 Treo software that is recently out there? It is unknown whether this matters or not but would be good to know.

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