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    I searched the forums, but nothing seemed to address this particular issue, so I'm thinking I have a problem w/ my T600. This has to do w/ my sounds, and so far it seems to only affect games.

    When I start to play a game like Joust, the Prison, or something like that..the sounds first starts out OK, then about 1 minute or so into the game, it goes to "muted" status. No sound in any game until I do a soft reset. Phone works fine, calendar works fine, etc.

    I turned off all hacks/utilities, and still the same problem. I tried the game sound on low, med, and high, and still the same problem. Before I call them for a potentially new unit, I want to see if anyone else has come across this before...

    Thanks in advance...
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    this happens to me and has been discussed here.

    I know of no knowne work around.

    acording to the developer of bob's alarm, this is a bug in the treo.

    you might still get a new unit, but i'm on my second and it hasn't changed. if you call ask when it will be fixed.
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    Man, this place is great. Thanks for the quick reply, and letting me know it's not just confined to me. I'll probably not worry about.

    Thanks again.

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