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    Planetpeck: I think we need more information about this primary/secondary ha swap. I have not heard of this before. Is your Vision working smoothly proxy-less? What did the Vision tech tell you about why this swap would make a difference? I'd love more info before I make a call in to Sprint...
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    I waited on hold for 20 minutes to have some bi^ch tell me that she can't change any setting on my device as it is against policy. What a joke.
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    first thanks for the info on the free proxies.

    Henery ford has said that true intelligence is surrounding yourself with smart people. Thanks guys

    I also called Sprint and was told it was against policy to switch. Of course however my proxyless blazer was working fine and fast so she she she couldnt help me because everything was working.
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    Can someone more knowledgeable than me (shouldnt be hard) explain to me what the H/A is and why it needs to swap to make this Blazer browser worth a dam*
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    In answer to a few questions here and an email:

    1. Yes, my Blazer is now working (post-phone call with Sprint) withOUT the free proxy, and with proxy turned off. It's running about 30% faster than before the upgrade.

    2. Unfortunately I didn't think to record the code to get into the settings mode and the password. It was ## plus a code from the phone, then a numeric password to "unlock" the settings. My apologies; I realize that would have been helpful.

    3. The HA settings are IP addresses. He (the sprint person) had me swap the primary and secondary ones. The two numbers were identical except the third one: X.Y.57.Z was the first one, and X.Y.49.Z was the second one. He had me swap the 57 and the 49.

    4. He also had me add the HA Password, which as "secret".

    5. I asked him why we were changing the addresses, what they do, how they work, etc., and he ignored my questions and continued to give me the next step as if he was a Stepford person, so I think he was following a script.

    6. I can't imagine why they would walk me through all this without question, then deny anyone else the same service. That makes no sense to me.

    7. There is one hiccup now, which is that three times since they did these changes with me my Treo thought it had to configure itself for Vision service from scratch, offered me a "Do you want to do it now or later" and when I clicked Now, it had a "Busy" message from Vision Installer then completed and signed on.

    All my best
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    So, I just spoke to a great Vision tech armed with new Prim/Sec. HA (IP) info. He was surprised that all of this info was already up on the net, but said it was basically all true...Primary HA's being overloaded and not rolling over to Secondary HA. The interesting thing was, when we went in to network prefs to swap my HA's, he told me that both of them were set for NY (I live in DC). He asked where I bought it (Best Buy) and said that when they are shipped to a retailer, the HA's (IP's) are pre-set and not always correct for the area in which the device is sold. He gave me new HA's (supposedly the correct one's) and told me that, in theory, if I start having poor service I can swap them (although official Sprint policy is we're not supposed to do that, or even know we can do it). In order to change these settings in Network prefs, you need a lock code that he said is specific for each posting one on here would be of no use. He also said that even if your HA's are correct for your area, if you've been having trouble with blazer, you could just read off a few incorrect numbers in the middle of your HA to a Vision tech and they would say that's wrong and hopefully have you put in new ones. Blazer has been working great since changes...I would suggest you all call Vision tech support and try this. At least hopefully you can get the lock code to swap out HA's.
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    I just undid my proxy, and Blazer DOES seem to be uploading faster since the Sprint upgrade to the Treo 600. For the REAL test, I'll run it from my apartment tonight.
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    Hi -

    I just wanted to thank you guys. I followed your directions, and it's working fine now.

    As always, I really appreciate the help!

    Sifu Z.
    nee LZMutant!
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    um...a little HELP here!
    I did the free proxy setting ( and got some Spanish web page.

    I cannot get outside of the Spanish web site and even when I click on my favorites it just reloads the spanish web page.

    I tried unclicking the proxy server but it still is loading the damn Spanish web page.


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    Try a different proxy until you get one that works. Also, keep trying without one...I am surfing again without proxy, but sometimes it drops and I just enable it when I need to.
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    Originally posted by mjolnir2k
    Spanish web page.
    No one expects the Spanish web page.
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    Our two key elements are surprise- suprise and fear!...and ruthless efficiency-- OUR THREE KEY ELEMENTS...

    ...and a fanatical devotion to the Pope!

    Lemon Curry???
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