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    i would assume because either they think the treo is a better device, or that they dont want to detract from their treo sales with a competing email handset.

    has anyone noticed rimm`s stock price by the way? its $90 per share!! incredible. so much for the idea that the blackberry will eventually be phased out.

    blackberries are probably the most popular handheld used in business today. you would think they would invest in this type of device for more subscribers.
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    does anyone know why sprint wont carry the blackberry?
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    PalmOne recently inked a deal to support BB client on the Treo. Thus we should probably see BB enabled Treo600's in the near future running on Sprint...
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    Originally posted by treobk214
    does anyone know why sprint wont carry the blackberry?
    maybe because licensing costs $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.............
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    The blackberry isn't a good solution for most individuals or small businesses - it's expensive and clunky. So from a retail point of view, I don't think there's much point. I'm sure Sprint thinks that their agreement with RIMM will help in the larger corporate market, but Sprint and stupid business decisions are virtually synonymous.


    BTW, RIMM's stock price is almost literally insane. It is hardly an indicator of their business prospects.
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    Interesting question to ask here on TREO CENTRAL. Although you got me...I read the whole thread.
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    Yeah I've always regarded them as sort of expensive and not functional enough.

    I don't think sprint thinks that way though. Only thinking about what they can make a profit on and what they can't. Everyone else offers the blackberry so maybe they feel its to competitive.

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