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    So I scanned through to see what was being said about reboots... Two weeks ago I let the battery run down pretty low and the phone locked up when I attempted to answer an incoming call. Unlike on my T180 it didn't hang the entire phone up forever... Then the same caller called right back and the same thing happened. This time it locked ALL THE WAY UP. Wouldn't power on - like everyone's BDR issue - until I plugged it into the wall socket.
    Now, when I attempt to type in any url in Blazer the phone does a soft reset after two or three characters...

    www.go.... (was supposed to be
    www.wo... (was supposed to be (was supposed to be

    I think you get the picture.

    Any thoughts? Have restored once from a backup after the hard reset - data has been fine for the others.


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    This was mentioned a long time ago. Has to do with corruption of the Blazer history file I think. Look around for the post that has details on how to fix it (delete the Blazer History file with Filez I think it was).
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    You'll also get that if you have text complete running in Blazer. It has to be turned on app by app. Just a thought.
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    They say that the update should fix these Blazer problems..
  5. #5 I can't get any web Vision down????

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    Hate to post a "me too" but, me too.

    I will try the suggested deleting and Hard reset.

    Did the problem clear up after that?


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