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    From the little that I've read here, some of you are using online streaming audio content for your Treos. My understanding was that Sprint has a problem with "bandwidth hogs", and my experience with streaming media is that it consumes a lot of bandwidth. Isn't this a bad thing to do with the Treos? Has anyone had a problem with Sprint on this with their unlimited Vision plan? If I get a Treo, can I expect to stream audio over the Internet continually for long periods of time and not get kicked off their network? Thanks folks...

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    Yup, it's not a HOG if done for a few minutes here and there, but imagine for 8 hours a day (like at work) the amount of bandwidth you're using.

    I'm not knocking anyone for listening to streaming audio (I used to until I got my ipod)

    But SprintPCS might lay the hammer done. I was once on an unlimited bandwidth webhost and got shut down. I was young had files on there and didn't know how to argue it.

    There are always asteriks in life. And also terms of service are ALWAYS subject to change.

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