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    Thanks for all of the replies, it has given me some ideas. Chatter does not seem like the solution for me. Some of my mail accounts are POP3 only, some are IMAP. I need a client on my home computer that can fetch both and consolidate emails into one location.

    "Seven" does not seem like the correct solution either as it needs MS Outlook, which I don't like and will not use. My desktop email client of choice is Mozilla. I have found Outlook to be less reliable (why everything is stored in one giant file is beyond me) and most virus problems are related to holes in Outlook.

    So far, the Lan Suite tool looks like the best solution though I have not had any time to test it yet.
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    You could also consolidate accounts within Fastmail (which will grab mail from a variety of different accounts) and then access fastmail with Chatter or some other email app.

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    Both Basejet and Dataviz InboxToGo use desktop redirectors that send any email recieved at your desktop to your Treo.
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