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    Has anyone experienced battery problems with their 600. Mine is now taking almost two days to charge. Its been in my cradle for three hours and it has only gone from 82 to 91%. Yesterday for 7 hours it went from 51 to 82%. I have a trip tomorrow and was wondering if this were the fault of the guage or the battery?
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    I have also had this problem twice. Once with the car charger. And right now with home charger. In the car, it didn't charge for a two hour drive. And then all of a sudden, it jumped up to 99% full. I thought it was a charger problem, but now I know it must be the phone. Has this issue been resolved for you? I will call for a replacement tomorrow if I must.

    I think it must be the guage. Have you tried a hard reset? I think I will possibly do that tomorrow.
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    This happened to me a few days ago. A soft reset fixed it (so far!).

    I hadn't seen this before, and had just run the Sprint updater a few days before. Are you running the original ROM or the update?
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    It may be related to this issue.
    A lot of folks are finding charging irregularities, including turbo-drain, and not charging at all, and a red "X" over the battery. Many of us are also having Network problems as well, which may or may not be related.

    Here's the thread:
    http://<a href="]</a>
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    Has anyone have their battery drop to 99% even when it's plugged into the charger?

    I would have my Treo 600 charged to 100% and still have it plugged into the charger. Then a while later, it drops to 99%. Anyone else have this problem?

    I haven't been traveling much since I got my Treo, so I hardly ever let the charge go below 50%. I wanted to know how can I tell if my battery is normal or has that battery drain problem that everyone is having?

    How much should the battery drop from a full 100% charge in like an hour or two with no use, except for checking a few sms alerts when they come in?

    Thanks for any info.
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    This isn't a problem. It's true of laptops too.
    It's an intentional feature that prevents the battery from over charging.
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    Thanks. How long does your batter last in a day.

    I was using sms and aim, surf the web for like 30 minutes, spoke on the phone for an hour - and this all happened from 9 - 5pm. My battery dropped to 20%.
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    Just got my phone last week and have been reading of batt. problems so thought I would drain it to see how it does. Charged it up completely. Have left it on now for almost 48 hours and during that time, I've talked for about 2 hours, surf web for about an hour, used the Palm features for probably another hour.

    Earlier today, the meter was showing 16%. I turned it on to check a web page and it did a soft reset. Then gauge showed 35%. Wondering if it may be re-calibrating itself since this is the first time batt. has been drained. I've been surfing the web and checking e-mail now for about 30min. and am back down to 15% and now getting low batt. warnings. Other than the soft reset, now other strange behavior.

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    Eddie and Moakes,

    You should have more battery time than that.
    A lot of Treo 600s have been having funky battery problems after 60-90 days of use (including mine!).
    Really should have 3hrs talk / web time or more.
    Might want to get at Sprint Store tech to run diagnostics--for your info and to qualify for an in-warranty return if needed.

    Good luck!
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    Pardon my ignorance but what is a soft reset and a hard reset. How does one do these.


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