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    Today's outbreak of this virus is another reason why I love the Treo. I use Snappermail and have almost completely abandoned using my home pc to get personal mail. I check email several times a day and usually delete all the spam.

    If there is something I really want to read on a big screen I can forward it to my work address.

    By doing this I am removing the threat of getting a virus like wm32 / mydoom.

    Now I know how Mac users feel when they are safe from the typical stuff that affects pc's / microsoft products.

    Any other thoughts / comments?
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    You're right... That's one of the many reasons I love my Macintosh too

    I did a quest a while back to find a Treo like device running PocketPC (sorry Palm fans, I believe PPC is the future, but that's a different thread). I can say without a doubt that there is nothing and I mean nothing out there like the Treo. They have small phones that are really good at making calls, and they have large PDAs that are really good at being an assistant. No one makes the hardware required for a good phone/PDA combo in the PPC realm. While not the same reason you love your Treo, that's one reason why I love mine.
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    please remember that OS X is mirrored off of linux

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    No, it's a fork from FreeBSD Unix and is actually part of Darwin Unix. It's not Linux. Check

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