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    Hey Everyone,

    I just installed launcher X 1.1 and noticed the battery meter is stuck at 61%. The native battery meter and the signal strength meter seem to be working properly. I've tried removing the program and re-installing as well as a soft reset, but I still have this annoying problem. Is there anything else I can try short of a hard reset? I don't want to spend time reinstalling my apps if there is an easy fix.

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    Something similar happened to me once, with Launcher X. I didn't check the native battery meter to compare, but the green charge LED was on, so I assume the batter really was charged. A soft reset didn't fix it, either.

    But a couple of hours later, it was reading correctly, and it's been fine ever since.
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    Mine has been reading incorrectly for 2 days.

    Thanks for the reply.

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