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    I've noticed that USB goes deaf after repeatedly sync'ing my Treo 600. This usually happens after 5-10 sync's.

    Never had this problem with the Treo 300. Here's a post from a developer describing the issue:

    The Treo 600 has a USB bug in it that causes this; the Treo 600 stops responding to USB data and therefore ppp runs out of buffer space. Your only reliable option is to purchase a USB to serial adapter and a Treo serial cable.

    FWIW, I'm at Treo600-1.0-SPR, Hardware Rev. A

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    Well sense it is a design flaw, they should be REQUIRED to provide us the USB to Serial adapters AND the Serial HS cables for our phones! If they do not want to do this, then they should provide us with a working replacement cable!
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    ... since we're still at 1.0, I hope a firmware update fixes this issue.


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