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    All of a sudden, my T600 (using Blazer) will NOT connect to any we site... nothing. It just says "sending" but never retrieves anything.

    Vision connection seems fine as SnapperMail and WorldMate connect w/ no peoblem.

    Blazer just shows a "blank" white page w/nothing... just the app tool bar.

    Anyonw have a suggestion? I have reset multiple times to no avail.

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    Same here, and also for my wife's T600.

    If it matters, we're in the Portland, OR area.

    Has anyone else had this problem today? Is the Sprint PCS Wireless Web system down?

    Xiino works fine, by the way. It just has no 5-way support (oh, and it costs money).
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    I'm in So Cal.

    So same coast as jcrunch.

    BTW: Xiino causes my T600 to reset so I removed it since their site states that it isn't compatible w T600 yet.... interesting.
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    The problem started some time Sunday; exactly as the first poster described. It is driving me mad...

    I'm in SoCal.
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    It's happened to me before too (last week); blazer would send but not receive and the arrows would grey themselves out. Meanwhile, verichat, avantgo, and email were working just fine. The odd thing is that i went to a sprint store, and the web browser on a treo600 that they had was working fine, even while mine would not connect.

    very odd indeed. I'm in northern california.
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    Yep, I'm in Pittsburgh, PA and that has been driving me crazy.

    I have blazer and WebPro...

    Blazer would send...pause...grey finally shows, for about 5 turns data sent (doesn't say receiving)

    I thought it was because I was running pocket Tunes (playing OGG from RAM DISK proggy i have and I didn't have enough memory for web browser) but Verichat was also running fine ( i sent test messages) and mail could send and receive.

    I rebooted (sorry, i'm still in XP land: I soft reset'd) and it still wouldn't connect via blazer to any of my links. I'm guessing the proxy it sends to or However blazer works (whatever dns server it was sending it to timed out?) was down?

    But then... WebPro starting i just read from there

    I was going to post this message a few days ago because I just started reading this board again and saw a few users complaining about SMS in Verichat resetting their handheld and I said to myself, "that's never happened to me" and voiila.... it happened 3 times in a row when I was browsing on the web and got 3 IM's via SMS on verichat.

    p.s. can anything be done about "formatting" speeds on the web page? I've been connecting to my FTP via the handheld to download ogg's to the RAM disk and I get constant speeds of 12-15k (averaging 14 lately) so I know downloading a 100k page shouldn't take more than 10 seconds or so... why does it take sooo long to format?!?!? WebPro doesn't take as long (via the proxy) but...has picture issues ... i've been using webpro lately for cookies and javascript sites.... blazer doesn't like cookies no matter what i do to it. I dont understand why it takes 10 seconds to download data but 2 minutes to format the page


    -yes i am a sprint user and yes i love my treo and no you can not touch it-
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    I just posted this in another thread, but it sounds like exactly the same thing so forgive me for repeating myself, but:


    Another one of my shot in the dark guesses...

    On my GSM T600, the browser has a proxy setting. I realize you're on Sprint, but you use the same blazer browser, and I seem to recall that unlike the GSM versions, the Sprint versions come with the proxy set and turned on by default.

    If your email and avantgo programs work, it sure sounds like your network connection is working (not GPRS, of course, since you're on CDMA, but the high speed version that CDMA uses, I think called 1xRTT or something like that). If your network connection is working, then I would check in the advanced preferences settings of blazer, and see if the blazer proxy is enabled. If it is, try turning it off one of the times that you can't browse, and see if that fixes things. Maybe it's the Sprint proxy server that's going down all the time, not the network itself.

    If CDMA (or "Vision") doesn't work this way, sorry for the false lead...

    Bill S
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    I responded to the other thread as well:

    This seems to be happening to many (if not all) of us. CMDA Sprint is by default proxy-less, so it's not the proxy server. Someone found a good temporary solution, which was to enable the proxy using one of the ones from Personally, I use WebPro during those times. It's annoying because I like Blazer much better, but any port in a storm.
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    Same here

    Im in the NY - NJ area and since last week I cant get nny web pages . It just sends. Im paying money for nothing here.
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    Take a look at this thread:

    No solution but the same problem. I've experienced the problem as well and as of now, Blazer is working fine and seems to have fixed itself. Seems to be an intermittent problem limited to Blazer.
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    Someone posted a viable theory - that Sprint's Blazer browser has a hard-coded proxy server. If that is true and the proxy is having trouble, that would explain how you can have Blazer go down while other network services and other browsers work.

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