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    Does anyone know how to use AIM with Treo600 SMS? Or do you need to buy a PDA version of AIM from the AIM website? Has anyone tried AIM 1.2 for PDA for the TREO600? The checkout section is currently not working - if it's not compatible I probably saved my self 20 bucks.

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    Try Verichat or Chatterfor IM, both offer the best Treo 600 support.

    Verichat is from the same guys as Treo600SMS.

    Chatter can be found at or search this forum for chatter
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    Thanks! It looks like a great product. However, I'm not sure how to setup my pop3 account on an imap server.

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    I just use (Or AOL Mobile, not sure of exact URL)

    It's good that if I'm at my computer messages are sent to my computer.

    Once away or offline, messages go to my phone as text messages.

    I can reply by typing out a text message and sending it back.

    Best is that I can make quiet time from 11pm to 9am, no IMs forwarded to my phone.

    Worst is that it is currently only oneway IMs, I cannot start a conversation from my phone, just receive and reply.

    It's ok though cause a trick is to save some text msgs and reply at another time, ofcourse you don't know if they are online or not.

    Either way, it's free and you should give this method a shot.

    -- Vikram
    Treo 600 <a href="">Blog/Moblog</a>

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