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    I get my Treo sometime by Wednesday, 1/27. Soooo excited. I have enjoyed everyone's commentary already. I am just wondering....does anyone have a list of software recommendations...."MUST-HAVE's", ya know? I've been looking on and have seen a few things, but since all of you are the experts, who better to ask!!! Thanks for your input. Mucho appreciated!
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    IMHO, I would recommend that you install Uninstall Manager , FileZ, and a backup utility such as Botzam Backup before you install anything else. They will save you some headaches. Then take a look at the following 2 threads:

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    KeyCaps600 - makes typing on the keyboard much more user friendly

    Keepoff (my favorite to date), PhoneGuard, or DAAK to prevent unintended keypresses from answering a call and/or muting the ringer

    TreoAlertManager to help keep you from missing calls and pages.

    Datebk5 if you'll make heavy use of scheduling (make sure you get the beta, which has Dpad support).

    If you're getting the Sprint version, be sure to download the beta Mail app from the Handspring site.

    Ditto on a backup utility. I use Backup Buddy, but there are several good ones.

    Also take a look at: Treo600Butler, TreoHelper (free), and TreoSelectText.

    Finally, read throught these forums. You'll find reports on dozens, maybe hundreds, of apps that may be of importance to you.
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    Thanks so much! I was beginning to wonder if anyone cared to get me up to speed...not that it was anyone's duty or anything!! Well, I will definitely take all of your recommendations gladlly. Much appreciated!!
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    A godsend for the phone aspect, and free.
    Bob Meyer
    I'm out of my mind. But feel free to leave a message.
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    ClockPop 5 is great for while you are reading or surfing. Highliter has been a big help as well.

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