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    Can someone pleeeeezzzzee help me? My Treo arrives either tomorrow or Wednesday, the 27th. I am trying to be proactive and figure out what all I will need to do to access my hushmail email account. I am getting nowhere fast! Does anyone here use Hushmail at all and can someone tell me what all is needed to set it up? I see where Treo accepts POP3 accounts (are those just hotmail, yahoo, msn-type accoutns? ) What is IMAP? I think Hushmail is IMAP....whatever that is, too!!!

    Can y'all tell I need help?? Thanks so much if you respond to me!!!
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    I was curious about hushmail so I did a google search (hey I thought it might be something else....)

    Anyway, are you referring to the encryptes email services offered by

    That uses a dual key encryption mechanism to encrypt email as it travels from the mail server to the client and back.

    This requires special client software to work. No such client exists for the Treo 600.

    They offer web based access (webmail) to your email, essentially a website you browse to. This might work on the Treo, then it might not.

    1) No application exists to let you download hushmail from the server direct to your phone ala Snappermail, Versamail, etc.

    2) You might be able to browse to the hushmail webmail site using the Treo 600s web browser.
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    Thanks so much for replying. I was wondering if anyone ever would...

    I am dealing with a malicious computer hacker right now....that is why I recently switched to Hushmail. Seems it is going to limit my Treo experience though...but I guess safety comes first, huh?

    anyways, thanks for your reply!

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