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    As a word of advice, maybe someone will read this thread and avoid the problems that I experienced. As an FYI, I've had the phone for 1 year and I use it heavily.

    I don't care what anyone else says on these forums about Sprint PCS, they support is horrendous. The Treo 300 itself is not a reliable device, the bttery is terrible (drains when your in a tunnel because it has to search for a network so commuters beware!)..

    I brought my phone into a Sprint store because the battery kept dying after 15 minutes of usage. After the tech looked at it (for all the wrong reasons) I explained to them again what the problem was. They agreed to replace my phone after testing it again. 2 weeks later I received the phone to find out they shipped me the wrong model - off to the store I went again - the girl at the counter tried to convince me it was a 'compatible' phone.

    After convincing them that my $600 treo had several more features than the phone they shipped me (a $50 phone) they decided to ship me another phone again ...

    I finally received a treo replacement (after 1 month of waiting).. only to find out that the phone worked but the internet part did not - go figure, a refurbished phone....

    After speaking to tech support for 1 hour (and being on hold multiple times for hours) ... they reset my account and said to check again 24 hours later... well here I am typing away 24 hours later ... phone still doesn't work and I'm on hold with sprint now...

    buyers beware.. if you need the phone for real - business travel, work etc.. this is not the phone/company combination you want to depend on... I doubt the treo 600 is either..
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    ....I posted this on an earlier thread, but I feel it is good advice...

    I have found that going to a store can sometimes yield better results.

    In my case they weren't sure that the problems I was having were related to my phone or some problem with PCS. Testing the phone proved fruitless.

    All *2 would do is send me a replacement 300 or $200 would get me a 600. Even though it was not known whether the handset was the real problem.

    Through the whole process (hours spent trying to diagnose te problems) I remained polite.

    At the store I was polite, but I said the issue was going to be settled today. I used the terms "full refund" for the phone and "cancellation" of service because no-one could figure out what was going on.

    I was given credit in the store that the *2 people don't have the authority to give.

    My lesson - use the *2 to document problems (and ensure they are logged by calling back), but leave the negotiation to being in person.
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    actually i don't remember anybody ever saying that sprint customer service is anything BUT horrendous.
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    Sprint's customer service is no different than anywhere else. Bottom line is you can't expect people to act out of their authority. The average phone support does not have a engineering or computer engineering degree. They do not know how to diagnose and debug the complex systems.

    You can't *2 and suddenly they are sending you a new phone. They just don't have that authority (but the CS reps in the store do!) Also, these new pda phones are too complex for the average phone support person to be able to handle. If you want to play in the world of complex gadgets you have to expect a little additional overhead. You have to go tothe right store and get the know it all tech to help you out.

    Also a quick search of this forum will show all of the related 300 problems. A little research prior to purchase goes a long way. I also had two Sprint CS reps caution me on my choice of a 300 saying they had a lot of returns. I accepted the fact that I was getting a Palm PDA that was a mediocre to bad phone.

    Make sure your problems get documented, but the real negotitiation has to be done in person.

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