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    sheesh... so many discussions on so many levels about email.

    I want to pop3 send/rec. through my work server. It is behind a firewall and my PC is a domain so I don't think I can IMAP (though i'm not really sure what IMAP is).

    all i want to be able to do is have my device auto retrieve email every X interval and then when I get to the office and sync, all sent emails move to the sent folder on my laptop and anytying i permanently delete on my pda is permanently deleted on my laptop as well. I don't want a huge inbox on my pda, just download the unread ones.

    I don't really need to be able to search old emails that exist on the laptop via my pda. I just need to work with new emails and keep records of sent/deleted so I don't lose sent mails on the laptop and I don't have to go through a bunch of emails when I return to the office that I have already dealt with.

    The best app I have tried that does exactly this is Inbox to go wireless. The only problem with that app is that it will not autocheck on intervals...

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    IMAP is just a method of accessing your mail, so there's probably no reason you couldn't use it (assuming your email host provides this service).

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    I agree I' m looking for a similar proggy to send/receive I don't even have the firewall concerns you mentioned.

    I would also like to auto schedule the UL/DL of messages, I dont' think Snapper Mail did that, and for $80 I passed on the Dataviz Inbox to Go.
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    Yes, Snappermail lets you schedule periodic uploads and downloads. Snappermail is a great app, probably the best email app out there - but it's biggest downfall is the one coming enhancement that they've been promissing since day 1 - IMAP. I just get far too much email these days, and I use too many machines (Treo, home, work, server in the computer room, etc) to use POP. I recently started using Seven's new mobile email client that uses IMAP. There's a couple of issues with it at the moment, but it's still in beta, and it looks great.

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    Actually Dunc BC is synomonous with the Seven software. Sprint rebrands it under their own name. Also BC already has IMAP connectivity as well so Kenn could use it if he signed up for their service.
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    Not having ever used BC I didn't know that. So then either product should meet his needs. IMAP on the Treo is the best - I have no idea why I held out, with Snapper and POP3, for so long.

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    You should take a look at Chatter's IMAP implementation (get on the imap-discussion list at to get the latest test versions). It is, in many ways, far superior to what BC provides (and Snapper will provide in their IMAP release) in that syncing is asynchronous and continuous. New messages arrive in seconds, from up to 8 folders in one or more accounts. No such thing as scheduled syncs, or tying up the Treo while a sync is in progress.

    Although there are a number of missing features in Chatter, that number is decreasing very quickly.


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