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    Can anyone help with how to get pics on the Treoo 600 from an SD card? I did a search with no luck (very suprised about that).

    I am dropping them onto the SD card from my PC (jpegs) and then the Picture viewer in the Treo will not recognize. I tried reformatting, etc.

    Also I am able to use mp3's no problem w/ the same procedure?

    Any help is appreciated.

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    i don't know, but if you sync (using palm desktop) one picture to the device, it should give you a clue on what folder you need to put them in after you browse the sd again.
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    Thanks I will give that a shot. Was hoping it would be as easy as dragging and dropping the MP3's to the SD card has been.
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    In the picture mode, click on "All" then select "Card", mines come up.

    If that doesn't work, I would install a third party photo viewer to the SD card, I use Resco Photo Viewer.
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    Thanks for the Resco tip - I have a free trial going. Looks great for viewing pics and managing folders/albums, but no editing yet other than color/brightness, right?
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    ...Or one cud download JPEGview from here:
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