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    I've got all my tunes on 1 sd card, but I bought one with more memory and I want to get all the songs to the new card. How do I do that?
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    Copy from first card to PC and then from PC to the other card.
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    I know how to copy from pc to card, but how do I copy from card to pc?
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    You are just going to do it one time right? Download "Card Export", it has a 15 or 20 days trial for free. It lets you use your Treo 600 as a card reader/writer. You can move files between your SD card and PC just like you have a card reader but slower.
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    need-thanks so much! it was quick and painless.
    thanks for the advice!
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    The fastest way is to use a card reader. I got a small 'keychain' tyoe for under $10. It plugs into the USB port and shows up on your computer like a disk. You can then drag & drop files between card and computer quickly and easily.

    I also use it to make regular backups of the card - just copy everything to a new folder on the computer.


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