I have been using TealLock on my Treo 600 and like it. I have however been running into an issue and I was wondering if anyone else has or knows of a fix.

Every once in a while I find my Treo with TealLock getting into what appears to be an infinite loop. The loop occurs when a SMS or phone call comes in (not every single time though). As an example, I received a call today with TealLock on that I successfully answered. After hanging up, I let the phone go "back to sleep" on its own. A few minutes later I woke the phone up to find the System Lockout screen on (not the TealLock one) and the phone keyguard indicator was blinking rapidly as if it were in a infinite loop. The Treo would not respond until I did a soft reset. This has happened multiple times with phone calls and SMS notifications. I do not have any hacks installed on my Treo. Any ideas?