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    Hello All,

    If you've purchased anything expensive in a store recently, you've probably had a nagging feeling that you could have gotten it more cheaply online. We had the same fear, so we created the PalmPrices app. Please help us beta test it.

    • It's free
    • It's fast - it looks up products, prices, and ratings in one pass. If you're on a high speed connection, it can download product reviews as well.
    • It's flexible - search by UPC code, ISBN number, or product name.
    • It's convenient - you can purchase products immediately or add them to your shopping cart as a reminder.

    ...and it's not complete. Please provide bug reports and feedback. The application is available at:

    It has been mostly tested on the Treo 600, but should work on other connected Palm devices.

    Shop with confidence.
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    Why does it have to be a program? Web sites are so much easier to deal with and don't cause conflicts.
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    Fair question. It's a program for four reasons:

    - Much faster. It gets the search results, availability, prices, and reviews in one pass, without HTML overhead. The same data would take three slow back-and-forths via the web.

    - It stores your login data locally, and will eventually add in shipping zip code, etc. No re-entry required.

    - We plan on integrating the camera to read barcodes over time. The current generation Treo camera is not up to the task, but maybe the next one will be

    - The layout and formatting is optimized for the small screen

    However, if you prefer not to install an app, just use for stripped down, quick loading price comparison.
    Shop with confidence.
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    Interesting app. I would like it even more if it used Pricegrabber instead of Amazon. When you are comparison shopping like I just did at Best Buy for a digital camera, Amazon does not give the best information. Pricegrabber or even Dealtime or Pricescan are better sites with better information for comparisons. For instance, the best Amazon price for a camera was $60 more than the best price that Pricegrabber found.
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    Very interesting app!! I think there definitely would be a market for thsi especially if you could eventually get barcode functionality via camera optical intell etc... I'll report back my feedback once I ge a chance to use this...
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    I just tried adding something to my cart and I got the following Server error:

    Server returned unexpected result:
    Mod_python error:
    "Python Handler

    Traceback (most
    I'm assuming there would be more to the message, but that is all that fits into the palm screen.

    Otherwise, seems like an interesting service. Will it automatically check for program updates?
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    I'm glad you made it an app instead of just a webpage. I find that it's almost always much faster to use an app than to deal with the overhead of the browser. Don't get me wrong, I love it...but it ain't no speed deamon.

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    This is a great app. I've already used it to compare prices shopping for my new TV. My only suggestion is:

    Ability to filter discontinued items.

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    Am I missing something? While this is a nice interface to Amazon, it has nothing to do with comparison shopping. Why do people see it as such?
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    experiment 626,

    We are working on Pricegrabber support...


    Unfortunately the Treo600 camera is really bad. Most people would have a tough time taking a good enough UPC snapshot, but maybe the next Treo will have a camera sufficient to the task.


    It works fine for me. Can you help me debug by letting me know which item you were trying to order? Amazon's web site had issues recently, so it might be related to that.


    We'll add the ability to filter discontinued items.


    Right now the comparison is just offline (retail) to online (Amazon). True comparison shopping is coming...
    Shop with confidence.

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