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    I have to say: I don't get all the adulation in this thread. The program is a nice and fast interface to Amazon, but the author and the responders iimply that it is a link to price comparisons. With this program, can you search for or buy at any other site than Amazon? Maybe I missed something.

    The author says price comparison is coming, but actually, that is an entirely different program than what he has written.

    If he came out and called it that would be different, but it bugs me that it implies that is "open".
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    We're in the midst of adding support for multiple comparison engines right now. It's quite difficult as Amazon has an open XML API and the other sites do not. Also, Amazon is a lot faster and better organized.

    The (alpha and buggy) version of the comparison engine support should be ready as early as next week. Stay tuned.

    Thanks for the feedback and support, everyone!
    Shop with confidence.
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    Nice pgm.

    I use to find great discounts on electronics. Unfortunately, T-6 says "page to large..." and stops loading. Help! I would like to use T6 for this.

    PS. Purchased 3 color Clie SJ22's for xmas gifts @ $65 ea with rebates that Staples store didn't even know about.
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