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    Did a search - no luck.

    I can drag and dropp MP3's nor problem from Windows Exploere to my SD card and Pocket Tunes recognizes and plays great....

    however if I drag and drop a jpg onto the SD card from Windows Exlporer the Picture viewer built in to Treo 600 will not recognize it?

    Any ideas here?

    Thank you.
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    In Picture Viewer, select the drop-down in the upper right (it probably says "All"), and select "Card". then you will see the pictures on the card

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    Ditto, and if U want to send one of those, use the "move" option in the menue to copy it to the phonne and then U can send. I was taking my SD card from my Kodak camera and sticking it into the Treo and copy and send. I sent a 1.8M picture, via PCS mail (HS client) from my Treo to the house. Worked fine.
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    Good idea. I will try that.

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    What is the name of the viewer? I cannot find it on my treo 600. Let me know, thanks
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    Originally posted by rtorres
    What is the name of the viewer? I cannot find it on my treo 600. Let me know, thanks
    The app is "Camera". On the bottom left are two icons one for the camera the other for the picture viewer.

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    I do see that, but when I go to card, I don't see any pictures. I put two pictures in the root of the card. The pictures are about 400k, is that a problem? Do I need to resize the pictures?
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    The pictures MUST be stored in the "\DCIM" directory. If they are in any other directory, it will not be accessable by the internal app.
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    I compressed many pictures down to 160x160 (about 200) and copied them into the \DCIM folder on the card. I started scrolling through them... the quality was pretty bad (worse than camera shots, so maybe I compressed too much).

    I was clicking next going through them and I got to about 73 and the phone rebooted itself. The pictuers were pretty small, but maybe it doesn't like that many in one folder??


    PS Is there another JPG viewer besides the built-in one that is recommended? Copying all the pictures into one folder sucks. ;-)


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