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    I've kicked off a new Treo 600 specific blog. Would love some participation from this crew. Should be fun. BTW, there's zero truth to the 610 rumors.
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    Two things...

    First the 610 is a real deal.

    and second...did you notice that the author of that new blog site you mentioned is also designing pagan, satanic, and witch related sites? I don't mean to nitpick but is this really someone people want to 'trust' for a 'good' website?

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    Um, what??? As I stated, I kicked off the website. And I can assure you that it is my only one. Have no idea what you are talking about with witches and stuff.
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    oh okay. I just saw that the link to who designed the site is into all that stuff. Glad to know you're not.

    Site looks really REALLY professional. Did you take that pic at the top of the keyboard? Looks really cool...wondering what kind of camera you used for that.
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    No problem. I was scared that some evil doer had my same name or something. Glad you like the site. I think it looks pretty clean too. The design person who helped me with it came highly recommended. Her portfolio was good too (with nothing pagan in sight!), and included some personal blogs for some well know technology reporters. Anyway, I'd be interested in knowing what witch like sites you saw. Weird.

    As for the graphic, yep, that's my Treo. I used a Olympus 360D. It toook about 60 shots, but I got a nice one and then did some cropping in Photoshop to get what you see on the site.

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