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    bit of an odd question

    u,j and n keys stopped working a week ago - soft reset seemed to restore things but about a week later these keys have stopped working all together despite soft resets (do not want to try a hard reset yet..)

    before i go play with sprint I thought I would see if anyone else had a similar issue (hoping it maybe software related?)

    I can not for the life of me rember exactly what I have installed reccently but I think the only ones were movie mentor and unistall
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    i guess no one else has this issue

    oh well a trip to pick up new hardware ...
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    Actually, I recently was having troubles with the "k" key only on my Treo600. Quizotically though, the problem seemed to phantomly disappear and reappear randomly. Of course, when I went to the local Sprint store to have them check it out, it was working fine! Anyway, I think the prob is probablt due somehow to the battery disconnect feature assoc. with the K key. However, I have no idea why the u, j or n keys wouldn't work...
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    I thought it was just me!

    My Home key wasn't working the other night...turns out the b**** changed the locks

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