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    I was in the theater yesterday and turned off my treo 600 ringer, but forgot to turn it back on after the movie, and missed a couple of calls (damn vibrate is too faint). Thought it might be nice to have a utility that would allow you to turn off the ringer for a specific time period, kind of an expansion of the treo tools concept but easy to set not just for a specific time of day, but for a temporary time period, like 2 hrs. Anybody able to tweak treo tools or something like this to add this functionality?
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    I see this idea wasn't as orig. as I thought it was! Well, you can TRY what what I did, which was to download the TreoAlertMgr from Get the trial version to see if it is worth paying for, considering your needs. It makes the TREO 600 work like a pager when you miss anything (phone call, alert, new mail, SMS, etc...). The settings are REALLY tricky for the treo 600 (desipte what it says!) so if you decide to, let me know and I will post instructions in this thread
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    There's a program called SoundManager that almost does what you (and I) want. It works with the Calendar to mute alarms for specific types of events. So you could create an event called "silent" for the duration of the movie (for that matter, you could just use the word "movie" as your trigger), define "silent" or "movie" to SoundManager, and bingo--no alarms during the movie.

    The bad news: it only works for calendar alarms, not phone calls or SMS messages.

    The good news: the developer tells me he's going to upgrade it to support the Treo 600 phone and message functions.
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