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    I've been using Sprint Business Connect PE for a couple of months now and it works pretty good. I'm accessing my corp exchange mail that's behind a firewall with the little desktop app that feeds my treo and I'm also accessing my pop3 mail from yahoo and my cable modem provider.

    I only have two problems with the service, but I haven't been able to find a better fit. I've downloaded and trialed many and scrubbed the forums here and still come up empty.

    My single largest problem is I would like to be able to view attachments with a third party tool. You can't do this with BC. I can forward a messege to my pop3 and get to it via Snapper mail, but I'd like to get to one mail client for all email.

    I'd also like to be able to access more than three accounts, but that's not a big one, I do need at least 3 however.

    Am I missing something out there that can get me through the firewall w/o IT help and also let me view attachments on my three accounts?

    Thanks for your help.

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    mera308 - Out of curiosity how many accounts are you seeking beyond three? Since BC treats them individually at the device client that could pose some interesting syncing scenarios given all the settings and options that could be set. With all those accounts a device could be in perpetual sync mode keeping them all up to date.

    As for the attachment response... see my post about this on this page... it's just a general comment though. No mobile miracles were provided.
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    Thanks for the reply and the pointer to your other threads.

    On how many accounts, more than three isn't a biggie for me, but I think I would want 5 at the most.

    Does anybody know if Sprint is working on 3rd parts application support for attachment viewing?


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