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    1) After repeatedly getting an error msg (too many contacts) during synch, my entire contacts list deleted itself (I know that sounds crazy) and will not allow me to restore, or load a backup, OR synch my contacts from my 600. I've unistalled and reinstalled the palm desktop several times, and now have spent MANY hours with both Sprint and Handspring CS, to no avail. I don't have many 3rd party apps, and unfortunately am also now trying to switch 600's as well (loose screw problem). I have backed up onto my SD, but that's all the protection I have right now. CS says that I didn't have too many contacts, and that my contacts db might be corrupt. They also said that they have run into this problem before, SO, BACK-UP NOW, AND VERIFY IT!

    2) I have this problem periodically on both my 600s. After doing a search, it soft resets when trying to pull up a contact from that search, I haven't been able to get it do it every time, and CS says that they've also heard about this problem before.
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    Anyone else having these problems, or have any suggestions? Any help would be welcome.
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    1.Your post did not say how many contacts you have in your Treo. I remember reading previous posts that the T600 cannot handle more 2000 contacts. That's not my opinion, I am just quoting from other posters.

    2. I have given up on the default search on the Treo. I always had soft resets. I had this problem since my Treo 270 and I was hoping the T600 would be different. Somebody recommended FindHack which I immediately installed on my Treo. It's been working flawlessly on all my Treo file search. Try it. Its a shareware
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