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    Hi all.
    I am new to this forum... not new to the palm platform, altho i have forayed into the PPC world as of late. I am, however, intrigued by the Treo 600 (read- I WANT ONE) and am trying to get one for T-mobile. I know... good luck. I already have a t-mobile account, thus going with Cingular or Sprint is not an option.
    T-Mobile seems to be releasing these for consumer purchase on 2/2/2004. Whether or not this happens, we shall see.
    I did see this on
    Treo 600

    Will this work with T-Mobile? Or would I be better off sticking with the T-Mobile branded version? Also, is $544 a decent price for a phone without service activation?

    I am really needing to consolidate my phone and PDA - currently I'm using a T-Mobile sidekick, which has no PDA functionality whatsoever. Carrying around that brick plus my Ipaq has become a bear.

    Thanks for any input you can give me!
    StacyB - Frustrated Hiptop user in GA!
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    Does anyone have more information about this phone? This is a good price for a unlocked phone.
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    It's been "on order" for well over a month now.....
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    If it's not a "carrier-specific" (or "branded") GSM phone, there's no reason why it wouldn't work with TMO. I agree, it seems like a good price (especially for unlocked) tho.
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    ive been waiting for over a month myself. about to cancel my order.
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    They just changed the price on us. And there is availability.

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