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    Is there a setting I'm missing to allow roaming on my GSM T600 on Tmo? I've noticed it will frequently show 'no service' in locations I'm fairly sure are covered by other GSM carriers. I believe it should go to roaming in those areas but it doesn't. Any ideas? TIA,

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    Roaming is automatic - you probably are hitting a few 'dead zones'.

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    T-Mobile doesn't really do "roaming" within the US. On most plans, anywhere you get a useable signal you will not be charged roaming. To see if there is any signal go to Menu-> Options -> Select Network from the main phone screen. It will show any network signals that it finds. If any show up, select them & hit OK. You phone will try to connect to the network. If it cannot, then you just go back to normal. T-Mobile has roaming agreements with Cingular in certain areas (S. Carolina, Vegas, SoCal) and AT&T in some others. However, these will show up as AT&T or Cingular instead of T-Mobile on your phone. You won't need to select anything special & you won't be charged roaming fees.
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    I've been noticing the same problem. On my old visorphone, I used see the carrier change all the time from TMobile to Cingular or ATT as I drove around NJ. On my Treo 600 I've never seen that happen.

    Here's a real concrete example:
    Last week I was on vacation in Kissammee, Flordia (near Orlando) and while the signal was great in the Magic Kingdom (even inside Space Mountain!) I could not get any signal at all in the place where I was staying. Both my Dad (on Sprint) and my sister (ATT) had a clear signal. When I checked under Options -> Select Network, sure enough ATT & Cingular were both listed, but not TMobile. When I tried selecting either ATT or Cingular, I got an error message saying 'can not connect'.

    I thought for sure that there was a problem with either my phone or one of my settings. After all, having a "quad-band" phone that could roam btw networks was a major selling point for me for the GSM Treo 600. I recall many others on this board touting this feature as well.

    But now JSkier's response suggests that perhaps the reason that I could not select ATT or Cingular was because TMo does not have a roaming agreement with either or them in Florida.

    Can anybody confirm what I should have expected to happen on my GSM Treo 600 when unable to get a Tmobile signal in the Orlando area?
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    During my recent trip to Grand Canyon, my Congular Treo on T-Mobile changed from T-Mobile to Cingular to ATT Wireless automatically.
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    Congular Treo? What is that - optimized for Africa? (sorry, I just couldn't resist!)

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    Originally posted by Andrew-NYC
    Congular Treo? What is that - optimized for Africa? (sorry, I just couldn't resist!)

    Hey, the African phone "roams" in US...that's further confirmation that GSM roaming with T-Mo works !
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    Well, maybe that's it then. For some reason I thought that ATT, Cingular, and Tmobile had roaming agreements among themselves everywhere they had service. If that's not the case, that explains what I've noticed.

    Having travelled through three states and many, many cities in the last two weeks, I've yet to see my Tmo phone go into "roaming". Sometimes when I do "select network" there are others available. In fact, on at least one occassion, I had "no service", did a "select network", and even Tmo showed up! Odd stuff.

    Long story short, Tmo roaming is screwier than I had envisioned, unless there's a setting I'm missing...


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