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    I just received my new phone. The first one i had was damaged (Screen).

    The older one, For some reason, When I would go into and check the voicemail, IT WOULD DIAL MY HOME #!!!

    This seems to happen at random, it will dial the VM #, but sometimes like 1 out of 9 times it will dial MY HOME #.

    I just couldnt figure that sh*t out at all, Even when I call from my house # it pops up as, "VOICEMAIL"!!!, although I have it in Contacts as "MY HOUSE #". If I dial from Contacts, It will say, "MY HOUSE: 718-***-****" which is correct

    When I try to dial directly (using the # Pad), it comes up as "VoiceMail: 718-***-****" which is soooo crazy.

    Now I got my new phone, Everything worked like its supposed to, it was perfect. But when I snyc with my PC, the same problems is occuring. I am soooo babbled. I just cant figure this out!!!
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    I suspect your PhoneFavoritesDB.pdb file has gotten corrupted. Try deleting it from your backup directory on the PC, and from your phone, and then hotsync again.

    If this doesn't work, you'll probably have to do a hard reset. But make sure your old PhoneFavoritesDBpdb file is deleted from your PC before you do a hotsync.

    Looking at this file, it looks like you should be able to edit the number assigned to button 1(e) in favorites pretty easily, too. The format appears to be kName nnn-nnn-nnnn where:

    k = speeddial key
    Name = the text description
    nnn, etc. = your mobile number

    In my file, it shows as eVoicemail 703-nnn-xxxx

    I suspect that if you change"Voicemail" to a string of the same length, and the phone # to whatever you want, you'll be able to reassign the e key. I might even try it. Looking at the other entries in my list, it appears the phone number can be longer than 10 digits, given that this is one of my entries:

    mMy VM 11703nnnxxxx ,,,,**,,,,703585xxxx#,,,pppp 
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