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    Can someone please mail me a copy to Thanks in advance
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    I have a sprint phone and I also was wondering if someone could send me a copy fo the program so I could test it on my phone. My email is
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    emailed the author direct but no response yet - I have sprintpcs & am interested in trying out the software

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    I just recieved a reply from the developer on the problem. He says it is a specific sprint issue and he would send me an update in the next day or so. Has anyone else w/ sprint experienced this. I saw everyone said they could block calls, but did any calls that were in your contacts list actually come through. All other features seem to work except this major thing, its basically blocking all calls, at least the log works correctly, so that is good. I would send some of you the beta the developer sent me, but I dont know if that is his wish. You should email him, he is very quick to respond. I wrote him about this issue this morning and got a reply a few hours later. Somebody w/ sprint and a beta get back to me.
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    I do know that your user set rules will over-rule the system ones, so if you set a catch-all to block all calls then set the "in contact list" to pass through, all calls will still be blocked since your user rule will over-ride the system rule.
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    Has anyone found a way to rearrange the order of the rules.
    I have [Not in Contacts] set to go to voicemail. However, my office runs all outgoing calls thru our PBX and therefore the number can vary.
    So underneath my [Not in Contact]rule, I have a rule for (212)555-???? should ring as normal.

    I would like to have it evaluate my (212)555-???? rule first.

    Is this something that the developer may be working on?

    For reference, I've got a GSM treo with Cingular.
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    I dont understand. How can you change the order? And I have the defaults in anyway. So it lists cradle option then no caller id option and then not in contacts list option. I can figure out how to make the not in contacts list as a new rule, just as a number. But either way the problem seems to be that it will not recognize any of my contacts.
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    That was my point exactly.

    I haven't found a way to change the order, and I was unable to create a new rule using the [Not In Contacts].
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    Ok, so the problem is basically how the program is looking at the contact list. And also the concern to alter the order should be an option. May I add, I really love the voicemail notify feature. Since chatter does the same blinking when I have a message and I really hate how treobutler handles it.
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    I'm no sure what value there would be to re-ordering the rules. The moment the software finds a single rule that says send the call to voicemail, the call is going to voicemail. It doesn't matter if that occurs on the first or last rule.
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    However, I want it to evaluate similar to this:

    If the phone number has (212)555-???? Then I want it to ring normally.
    I would like the next rule encountered to be [Not In Contacts] send to voicemail.

    In theory if the (212)555-???? comes in the phone would ring and the rules beneath it would not be reviewed.
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    It's my impression that if a single rule identifies the call as needing to go to voicemail, than the call goes to voicemail regardless of what the other rules say. But what you are describing might be seet in a future release of the program.

    We should all encourage the developer to participate in this TreoCenral thread so that we can communicate ideas like this with him. He's is a great developer. The product is fantastic and he is very responsive to e-mails. Maybe we could get an active online dialogue going.
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    This is what I was thinking as well. Although I cannot test these actions since the [Not in Contacts] option really doesnt work correctly. But I think the order would have to come into play because I would like to have this same effect. 317 27????? will never be in my contacts and I want those calls to come through. So its really not important unless the program compensates and includes the rules even its not in the contacts, which I am sure it does, maybe, who knows, I cant test it. Someone please confirm sprint cdma [Not in Contacts] rule is not working!?
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    I understand what MovieGene is asking, if it's not currently a feature it is one to possibly be added

    When a Call comes in, it is processed like

    If (A) then (action)
    If (B) then (action)
    (Default Action)

    The problem I could see with this is processing speed, it has to be near instant and Processing a lot of rules to see if one fit could take time.
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    I, too, would like to help evaluate this. Please send the file to:


    I am using Sprint.

    Thank you.
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    I to have a sprint treo and I am seeing the same things on my treo. None of the system standard rules work. I spoke with the developer earlyer this morning. He stated he would be looking in to the sprint issue more.
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    Thanks for the confirmation. I recieved the same response from the developer. I have the program setup to send calls w/o caller id to vm and [Not in Contacts] to send to VM and two other rules for wild card numbers. The wild card is set 317278* or 317278???? and is to ring as normal. I know that the contacts rule is not working correctly, but it is possible that the rules are taken in a order. Because when I call from 317278 #### the phone does not ring although I have the rule 317278* and 317278???? to ring as normal while [Not in Contacts] goes straight to VM but as I said before, I had put a 317278 number in my contacts and turn the contacts feature to go to VM and it did not recognize the number and it of course sent it to VM even though the # was in fact in my contact list. So, not sure what is going on. I suspect it does look at the list of rules as "if then" in the order listed, since it is still trying to send to VM from the not in contacts rule and ignoring the other rules since it cant find the number in the first place. I think maybe the whole thing is just jacked right now and the only real function we are seeing here is sending calls to voicemail only if caller id is blocked. Oh and the call forwarding works fine, but I am on sprint and that costs money so not too concerned.
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    If I setup [not in contacts] to ring as normal and then setup a rule 31727????? to goto VM then it will send any calls from 31727##### to VM and it works! So it seems the order of rules IS what's effecting this. And since the [not in contact] rule doesnt work properly it doesnt matter at the moment that the order cannot change.
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    Here is callfilter.prc.

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    hmm, I appear to be having some unusual problems from the rest of you.

    on my sprint with these rules:

    [blocked] send to voicemail
    [not in contacts] send to voicemail
    ???-???-???? ring as normal

    I called myself from work, which is in my contacts and caller id recognizes, and the call was blocked.
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