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    I saw the tail end of a story on Tech TV avout ways to spoof your number on the person's phone your calling. This guy made his cell phone show up as the white house on the other person's caller id. Anyone know how to do this on the Treo 600?
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    haven't done it, but if you search goog for cell phone spoofing you will probably get the 2600 article on it.

    from what I understand, you call a number that basically gets you an operator. you tell her what number you are calling from and where you want to call.

    the operator makes the call using the number you gave him/her as the originator.

    it didn't look this complicater when kevin mitnik showed it on the screen savers, but they did cut away from him when he actually made the call.
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    I saw the same show. It didn't even look like he had to talk to anyone. I wonder if it matters what carrier you have. Anybody know?
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    I have a voicemail service that allows you to do that. I cannot do it with the service plan I am on - I appears that it only works if you buy an 800 number from them. This service is wonderful. As far as I know this is only in Georgia. You can give out one phone number and it will call you at your office, home, cell at the same time. It transfers the call to where-ever you answer the call.
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    There is a software that can spoof the caller-id on SMS messages. It's called "SMSSpoof" ( but doesn't works flawlessly on the Treo because it needs another phone connected via IR. I am shure someone in this forum would be able to adapt it in no time, since the sourcecode is pretty small and publicly aviable. It would be awesome!!

    If someone is able to get "SMSSpoof" to work on the Treo, then please tell us how.

    Thanks, Slist
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    Caller ID: Do you really know who's calling?

    Your Caller ID feature may no longer be telling the truth.

    This week, a company is launching technology that will make it possible for someone to choose what appears on phones that have Caller ID, the feature for displaying identifying information about an incoming call.


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