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    More than once I've found myself plugging my Treo into a set of speakers, a casette adapter, or even a pair of wireless headhpones and found that it turns the treo's external speaker on. I assume there's something non-standard about the way the Treo detects an external speaker/headphone, and that that's somehow causing it to think there's nothing there.

    So my question is this: Does anyone know of any way to force the Treo to output through the headset? Either a software-based or hardware-based solution... I noticed in the Treo 600 Developer guide, there is a C Function that seemed to have a setting that caused the phone to enter "Headset output mode" or something, but I don't know C well enough to work it out... anyone else know?
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    I guess I don't understand the question.

    Treo plays through the internal speaker, and you plug in headphone adapter, in which you adapt headphones, RF transmitter, RCA line-in plugs for stereo, and you don't want it to turn off the internal speaker ?
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    I know that if I plug in Amplified Speakers the output switches to the internal speaker. I can use Un-Amplified speakers, but that sucks.
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    Sorry wrong post
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