Hi guys I manufacture meters to measure Cell Phones for a living.

You can buy I mean see my meter at www.safelevel.com/cellsensor

I sell it on eBay for only $ 24.95 browse for "high frequency meter"

You can believe the studies showing no problems or the studies showing problems.

The head researcher at Motorola died suing Motorola for a brain tumor...the guy had over 500 patents to his name.

Now the meter can show you how to hold the phone so as to minimize exposure, it helps you find a headset to get rid of the exposure (some headsets act like antennas and make the problem worse!), and while you use the headset it helps you measure the reading around your lap where you are holding the phone!

Very useful meter.

1) We need cell phones
2) We are not stupid we know the radiation hot spots are not good for us
3) We feel it makes sense to measure the fields in order to know where to hold the phone and to find headsets that are a solution to the problem!

That's why I started the company!