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    I'm a consultant who needs a Time tracker for my Treo so I can track the hours I've spent on projects and bill accordingly.
    All the ones I've found/tried so far have no Nav button support and require me to use the stylus alot. Has anyone found a program that has the nav button support?

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    I have tried to find a suitable program for this purpose in the past and have yet to find one that I really like. Even if it doesn't have 5-way nav support I'd like to find one whose interface is reasonable.

    Any suggestions either way? If I could find a good app I could bug the developer to update to add 5-way support for Treo...
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    Maybe this will do:
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    I've found that Punch Time Clock does the trick for me. It does require the use of the stylus or a careful finger, but it's the best I've found.

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    Have a look at UTS

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    This time and billing software rocks:

    It's kind of expensive ($89 which includes the desktop and palm programs), but is worth it.

    The 5-way doesn't work perfectly, but works pretty well. For example, I use my finger on the screen to push "new" (for a new time entry). Then I can use the 5-way and keyboard to adjust the start/end dates and times, duration, client, notes, etc.
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    You can try Hours and it is free. I akso believe it has a basic desktop converter. It doesnt have 5 way Nav support though...but so do most apps. Do a search for it at
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    I used a freeware called "timesheet" by Stuart Nicholson several years.

    very good app! simple is best.

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