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    1GB Secure Digital Card

    The wait is over! If you've wanted a 1GB card you can get it now .
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    Now the price for the 512MB should go down!

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    Originally posted by cash70
    Now the price for the 512MB should go down!
    That's still too much $$ for that 1G card, but now should be the time to get a good deal on a 512MB card. This is what I've been waiting for.
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    Originally posted by darnell
    1GB Secure Digital Card

    The wait is over! If you've wanted a 1GB card you can get it now .
    Wow, almost cost more than the treo.

    anyone notice that the pic is os a 64mb card.
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    Originally posted by Felipe

    Wow, almost cost more than the treo.
    So true !!!

    When I think of reasons to have a 1GB card, like putting full movies on a card. At that price it's smarter to buy a laptop that plays DVDs .

    I wonder how much it cost the maker of the SD card to actually make it?
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    I'd probably just spend the money on the RCA Lyra jukebox...

    Better screen, 20 times more storage, only downside is that I'd have to carry a 2nd device.
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    When you get to the final screen of checkout the company informs you that they do not have the 1GB cards in stock AND do not have an expected shipping date. I am a glutton and ordered one anyway. I'll post if/when it arrives.
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    Provantage has always done right by me. I'm sure they will come through.
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    Now its a choice of Treo 600 or a 1 GB SD card.

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    Not a big deal, but the price has gone down to $383.66.
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    now at $372.50...
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    If you ever seriously consider a portable video player (PVP), you will want to read:

    I've never tried a Lyra, because I had already purchased and been using an Archos AV320 (self-upgraded to 60 GB) by the time the Lyra was released. You've got to have patience to use any of the existing PVP's, because you'll likely need to spend time to convert your video files, but if you don't mind the effort, the Archos is a great gadget. And a group of enterprising programmers are now working on replacing the firmware with an open-source version:

    like the Rockbox crew replaced the firmware of the Archos MP3 player/recorders.
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    ... and who's got the best 512MB prices? I checked PriceGrabber / ...

  14. #14 now has the SanDisk 1GB for $364.

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    SimpleTech just announced their 8-gig CompactFlash card, apparently for $5,999:

    Yeah, that's the one I need for my extra MP3's.
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    Just got a PNY 512 SD card at CompUSA for $99
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    Eh... prices of the 1 GB SD cards will have to eventually come down to <sub $200 USD for me to bite. That probably won't happen for a long time though so I don't anticipate getting anytime soon...
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    Can anyone who has purchased a 1GB card comment on scan time/performance vs smaller capacity cards? I ask because I've read in other posts that scanning time increases with capacity, I was wondering who bad it is on a 1 gig.
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    Perhaps in 5 years we'll all be whining about why they can't make a 100+ GB card for less than $300!

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