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    <<Frank, when in quicksand do you:

    a) Flail about wildly, attempting to attract more attention to yourself, but sink even deeper in the process.


    b) Contact eBay and Palm directly, advising them of treorunner's illegal ad and let their lawyers deal with it aggressively.>>

    In review to the above referrenced quote from Mol's handmaiden, Chupaloopa, the correct answer is the unlisted:

    c). Hope you didn't fall in quicksand head down, as Chuy will be probing you anally while he imagines Mol jumping up and down on a burning copy of the US Constitution.

    Bravo my goatsucking friend ( that is afterall what the chupacabra is), You are an official member of the french socialist party. "All for all and none for one"

    You should have learned when to quit my red assed friend. Now I wiil teach you.
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    Enough. This thread has gone to far. No personal atacks!
    -Michael Ducker
    TreoCentral Staff
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