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    Just got my Cingular (TMo, tired of waiting) 600

    Have most people kept the default Handspring homepage for Web ? If not, what homepage are most people using ?
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    Most people are using
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    I set mine to load the bookmarks menu when I open blazer. That way I don't have to wait for a web page to load every time I start Blazer. Then I don't have to try to cancel my home page loading if I want to get to a different web site (which is most of the time).
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    how do u do it. set bookmarks to come up first?.
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    Browser/Preferences/Initial View: Select the box to the right for the bookmarks.

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    Thanks, Cash. Love your quote.

    I changed my initial view and it is great.

    for those not familiar the actual steps are:

    web\menu\options\preferences\initial view

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    Thanks for the info here - from a Treo 600 newbie
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    I've set mine to
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