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    I've been looking everywhere for a simple call history utility. I just want to have at least a 10 number list of all incoming calls and outgoing calls.

    I've tried agendus and comet, but I don't think they give me this.

    Anyone know of anything like this?

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    What was wrong with the built-in call history log on the 270?
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    Hmm, haven't found it yet. If I get a call I don't seem to be able to see it except for immediatley after when it says, you misssed a call from:

    Can you tell me how to use it? I didn't find the info in the instructions either.
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    Found it! DUH!

    Sorry, I'm actually quite a geek, but am still exploring this new gadget. Thanks.
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    No prob. If you have a 270 with the gprs upgrade, it's almost an inconvenience to find the history.
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    Also checkout this app for added functionality...
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    This 'removal' of a feature over the 180 is almost making me return my newly bought 270.

    While I agree that some people don't like it or don't use it at the very least they should have made it optional instead of wantonly removing it!!! Enough people seem to be complaining about the removal on these forums. They should have had a simple options checkbox or do like they did in the DateBook and allow to you to select which 'views' you would like to enable for clicking thru.

    Palm, are you listening?

    The tool linked to above, unfortunately works only for the 600.

    I've a good mind to write one myself, dammit, only for this feature...

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