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    This is to all you programmers out there. I have a few thoughts on some utilities that might be useful to the T600, and wanted to dabble in making them myself. Could you outline the basic steps of getting started (to include your programming software of choice).

    The more basic, the better...

    Thanks in advance.
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    I started programming c to to something with the volume buttons. It was tough to get started - but this is what I used

    Plam OS Programming bible (Lonnon Foster) - invaluable
    C programming tutorial by Thomas Boutell (free download - you'll have to google for it)
    C book from library (don't remember what)
    SDK / simulator - downloadable from palm

    I used codewarrior version 8 demo to get started - this saved ma a layer of complexity in using one of the GPL compilers - but ultimately I eneded up shelling our $400 to pay for the full version (treobutler should breakeven soon...)

    For problems, the palm newsgroup is v. helpful

    Getting the os 5 sdk installed is not trivial - search google for instructions.

    Frustrating - but thoroughly satisfying - Enjoy!
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    There are a few helpful posts on the Handspring Developers forum about setting up CodeWarrior for the Treo 600.

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