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    OK, I've been looking at cases so much it's making me go blind. I've read probably every review and thread about cases on this forum and just wanted to say what I would love to see in a case incase anyone out there makes cases

    Basically I'm looking for the Covertec Designer Case with a few mods which I may somewhat make myself.
    The first major thing I find wrong with this case is that it doesn't cover the me that seems very useless in protecting the device seeing almost every time something's dropped, it's on the corners. So I looked at the Krusell case which does a very good job of protecting the case, except you have to take the case off which looks like a real pain in the *** just to swap SD cards.

    Now I'll shut up about other cases and explain my perfect case. It would look like the Krusell case except use the flap on the top like the Covertec does. But instead of having the plastic cover the whole front, It would only cover the keyboard and have a hard clear plastic flap cover the screen. As far as I'm concerned, the flimsy plastic isn't bad for minor potential scratches to the screen, but the flip style provides much better protection toward banging into the corner of a table or desk. With a clear hard plastic cover, you can also see who's calling and since the keyboard is just plastic covered, you don't have to remove the flip to answer the call.

    I'm not sure how many people out there are like me and just want a protective yet unrestricting case, but I'd like to hear from anyone that does share my thoughts. If we could get someone to make this case it would be spectacular. As far as I know, there is only one case that even has a hard clear plastic cover for the screen which I don't understand. If I can't find something like this at some point, I guess I'll have to try my hand at leatherwork
    If I do something like that, I'll be sure to post pics.
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    The ultimate case is using a G2 screen protector and buying the I-Volution case. The only problem is paying $90 for a case
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    Yes, that's pretty close to what I want except there is no cover on the keys. I do also like the band over the SD card seeing the SD card has released on me a few times by accident. I wouldn't want to lose my expensive SD cards. And as far as the G2 goes, I said I'm looking for something hard to withstand a real hit like against the corner of a desk. There was one case, I forget the name, that was a flip style and was the closest to what I want. I read that it was poorly made though and none of the holes lined up. It was the only case I saw that had a hard plastic screen cover on the flip. I might still get the case and modify it if I can find it again.

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