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    In anticipation of the new RealPlayer for the T600--and all things music related in general--does anyone know of Websites and/or software programs (shareware or freeware) that can easily convert one music format to another?


    .wav to AAC
    .wav to WMA
    .wav to MP3
    .MP3 to AAC

    You get the idea...

    TIP: I'm new to this whole online music thing. As I already have a decent size CD collection, I would just be converting songs to a SD card. Later down the line, I might try the online stores.


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    Easy CD-DA has a really cool fle converter.
    It can go from any supported file to any supported file.
    Here is a small list of the files it supports:

    For other files you can use GoldWave.
    This supports nearly everything else. even .AU and many others!
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    Originally posted by KevMeister
    I'm new to this whole online music thing.
    Audio folks will basically freak out if you let them know you're re-encoding files. (Here's a gentle kind of explaination about why: link.) This probably doesn't actually matter if you're only listening to this stuff on your Treo, but you say you're new at this whole thing, so heads up, dude.

    You might enjoy these tools:
    Tag & Rename is an excellent program for managing the information stored in your files. Generally we're talking about ID3 tags, here, but this program supports a few other formats as well. Audiophiles will, most likely, say this is a good program, but be annoyed that you have to pay for it.
    MP3 Butcher is a groovy, useful program ...that audiophiles probably hate. I don't really care all that much since I wanted to cut annoying intros and outros out of copies of some songs, so I'm in favor of this program.
    LAME. If you decide you want to encode high quality MP3s, this is the road you'll wind up walking down. You'll also need...
    Exact Audio Copy. This route can be tricky, but it's the way to go for the best results with MP3s.
    My titles are getting out of whack. This page is a very simple explaination on how to create Ogg Vorbis files. This format is generally smaller than MP3s (at the same sound quality) and is supported by Pocket Tunes. It's probably a pretty good choice for getting music onto the Treo 600.
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    so I have a .au file (speed racer theme) that I want to use as a ring tone

    which of those listed could I use - and now that I think of it I do not know what format treo needs...

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