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    As we all know, the T600 does not have voice recording capabilites yet. I called HS to see if they could give me any info on when this feature might be available, or if it would ever be avilable (firmware update vs. hardware redesign). Of course they didn't know.

    I also asked about Audacity Digital Voice Recorder, a voice recording program for the Tungsten. I asked if there were any reason (hardware differences) that this would run on the Tungsten and not on the T600. Of course they didn't know (man what are they paying them for?).

    I'm dreaming, but can anyone confirm that it doesn't work or give me a solid reason (hardware reasons) why this program will only run on a Tungsten. What does it have that the T600 doesn't?

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    OK if you read the info on PalmOne about this 3rd party voice recorder, they are working on T600 support. I cannot wait!!!
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    Perharps U wanna read dis...
    De have mentioned sumthing by Spring 2004.
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