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    Sunday's (January 25, 2004) New York Times Magazine features the Treo 600 in their "Consumed" column. The short piece focuses on how "cool" the Treo 600....but we already knew that.

    Here is the link....

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    I saw that and rushed over here to be the first to post it. Good thing I searched before or I'd have to take a dose of my own medicine.

    "If conspicuous consumption is about showing off an item that's needlessly expensive (a $6,000 shower curtain that doesn't keep water off the bathroom floor any better than the one from Kmart), the promise of a gadget like the Treo 600 takes this idea in a different direction: it implies almost limitless functionality, practicality and maybe even a certain technical wizardry on the part of the owner. (Surely there's some skill involved in tracking down and installing the third-party applications that make this little bundle live up to its full potential, right?) This is conspicuous utility. "
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    Nice for the guy to have the Paris Hilton sex tape on his Treo to show off. That's pretty funny. - where early adopters discuss great stuff first

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