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    First, the background. My Sprint Treo 600 has a hosed speaker, which has pretty much been that way since I bought it several months ago. Finally, I determined to get it replaced under warranty, and Sprint agreed.

    They sent me a new phone which was delivered yesterday. They didn't tell me what to do with my old phone.

    I called today and got the new phone activated. They still didn't tell me what to do with my old phone.

    So I called customer service. The lady tells me that I should just "throw away the old phone. It doesn't work anyway, right?" I said "but this is a $600 Treo 600 phone -- you're telling me I should just throw it away?" She says yes -- or that I could just keep it if I wanted to.

    This sounds like she's on crack, to me at least, so I asked her for her name, or employee ID, or for some kind of confirmation number so that when they call me six months from now asking for their phone, or bill me $600 for it, I'd have confirmation that the conversation actually took place. Here's the rub -- she's not willing to give me her name, or ID, or anything! I know she's on crack now, and decide to call the local store.

    I call the local store and ask if this is correct. Yes -- she is on crack, they say ;-). Seriously, though -- the local Sprint people are incredulous. Of course you have to return the phone. Of course you don't throw out a $600 phone. Of course you don't get to keep it.

    In any event, the phone is going back, but I'm quite pissed about the rep giving me bad info. If I had tossed the phone they would have dinged me $600 for the phone, and would have called me a liar when I said the rep told me to throw the phone away.

    Time for me to chill... but I'm still irked at this crack-smokin-rep.
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    is why I use T-Mobile... At least their reps are honest when they don't know something.
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    okay troll I'll bite...what carrier has honest reps? they would lose their status as a wireless carrier
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    Originally posted by ahalvor
    okay troll I'll bite...what carrier has honest reps? they would lose their status as a wireless carrier
    I recently switched from Sprint to T-Mobile. Since we are talking about IDs, if I remember correctly, the TMo reps greet you with their name and ID and they work on the issue. So you can always quote them.
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    This reminds me of when I ordered the Handspring Visor Delux and got two, but was only charged for one.

    I called Handspring and the guy told me to keep it, since they really couldn't do anything about it anyway.

    After a couple of days thinking about it, I called them again to pick it up. They were supposed to send fedex to pick it up. They never showed up, I sold it to a friend for 150 (great price).
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    I don't know about that. I was told the same thing about my Treo when it got wet. That I could keep it. I think they must have certain instructions for incidents involving some damages.

    Although my correspondence was through Lockline, I think it's pretty accurate to say that you could talk to 3 different Sprint reps and get three different answers from each of them. But that's not always a bad thing.

    So I'm still holding 2 Treo's not knowing what to do with the extra one since my original has recovered and still working.

    And I should have gotten Dude's name at Lockline. -LOL
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    A benefit of being Deaf is I have hard copies of convo's like this.
    "Yes, they told me to keep the phone and I can prove it"
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    I can EASILY envision a Sprint rep saying "Keep it - it's junk" due to what happened in the first post.

    Example scenarios:

    (1) That TREO 600 is junk. Assuming the device cost a couple hundred dollars MAX how much do you think it would cost for them to get that device back, process it, get it remanufactured, process it, and put it into their "refurbished" bin?

    (2) The problem is known and unfixable. PalmOne knows what the problem is and knows that some major component is permanently broken. Removing that component and replacing it is more expensive - or undoable - than simply inserting an entire new circuit board - and that circuit board IS essentially the total cost of the device. See (1).

    (3) The rep thinks to herself "Oh for Pete's sake! They were supposed to send an RMA kit and DIDN'T! That means they don't even KNOW about this device that's supposed to be returned!". The rep, being experienced, knows this means that any return of an unexpectedly-returned device is useless so just says "Keep it!".

    Those easily-likely scenarios are off the top of my head - there are undoubtedly more, all of which say "Keep it!".
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    Hmmmm... maybe you should never have called the sprint store and double checked. I would have just kept the phone and not double checked. I doubt they would go out looking for it.
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    Originally posted by PeteEMT
    A benefit of being Deaf is I have hard copies of convo's like this.
    "Yes, they told me to keep the phone and I can prove it"
    That rocks! So you have a TTY/TDD device? Have you ever been able to use it that way? I would imagine just saying that you're Deaf and that you have a hard copy would be enough - I'd be surprised to hear that any jerk would actually make you produce the transcript.

    Maybe I should get one of those and start dealing with everyone that way. Come to think of it, I kinda already do - I refuse to speak verbally with anyone at Comcast these days since I've been screwed so many times - I use the live chat support feature so I can save transcripts of everything they promise.

    Email is great for this kind of thing as well. IMHO verbal conversations when dealing with anyone in a customer support situation is essential. Voice is a thing of the past.
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    Yes on the TTY/TDD device, with the Treo I use a Pocket VCO which is essentially just a small display that attaches to the Headphone port.
    The Treo gets put into TTY/TDD mode and I select the VCO mode option (Voice Carryover Over). VCO mode disables the speaker but not the internal Mic.

    I then call Relay (an specially trained operator) who puts the call through, the operator provides me with written (via TTY and it appears on my display) text of what the other person is saying, and they hear my voice and what I'm saying like normal.

    A "normal" TDD has a keyboard as well as the display, it works the same as above except you type things and the operator voices for you.

    TDD is also half duplex (one person talks at a time) and generally slow (50 baud or so). It's an old technology but has proven itself to work even over noisy phone lines where ASCII modems wont.
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    You should have kept it for two reasons.

    1 - There is a good chance that it was okay for you to keep it. She could have been right and the rep at the store could have been wrong. In any event, you aren't stealing or doing anything wrong since you were misinformed.

    2 - If you do need to return it Sprint doesn't just hit you with a sudden charge. I had to swap my T300 due to the faulty hinge issue a while ago. I didn't send back the phone right away and received a couple of calls from Sprint. The second warned that I would be charged in 14 days so I sent the phone back.
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    Why on earth would you want to keep a broken Treo anyway?

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