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    Does anyone know if there exists a keychain style SD card reader in about the same form factor as the SanDisk Cruzer Mini (or Micro!)? It would be nice if it had on board memory too (around 128MB or so).

    What I really want is a slim USB Flash Drive that I can cram my SD card into and also use as a USB card reader.

    The best I can find is the SanDisk Cruzer USB Flash Drive w/128MB Secure Digital which can be seen here on

    That's the exact functionality I want, but about 3X the size (I couldn't imagine THAT monster on my key chain or even in my pocket, It's like 75% of the size on the T600!) I want that to be the size of a SanDisk Cruzer Mini, seen here:

    I'd totally be willing to pay for the size decrease. Does anyone agree with me, or know of a product that would meet these requirements (or anywhere close to them?).


    PS. No, I'm not a plant from or SanDisk, they were just convenient references.
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    If you've not seen the Cruzer in person, it's not THAT big. It's totally keychain-able. But admittedly, it's not nearly as small as the Cruzer Mini. A friend at work has the Cruzer and I was impressed at its size and the way the USB connector slides into the case - it also has a neoprene like slipcase with a key loop for exactly your intended purpose.. ;p

    I have the Minolta CF-SD1 adapter so I can use my new 512mb SD card in my digital camera. It's not quite the same thing, but I do have CF readers (or at least PCCARD) on most of my computers.

    If you do find a really small SD/USB-Drive - even one with mp3 playback? - I'd be interested as well..

    Something like this:
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    Yeah, I saw the Cruzer at Best Buy and I wasn't impressed. Although it COULD fit on my keychain, I don't want it there. I might as well get a troll doll and a tomagotchi to with it (I hate bulky keychains... I get annoyed at my keyless entry transmitter for my car)

    The Cruzer is more suited to keep in my bag, which is cool, but definitely not optimal.
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    How about something like this? $4.49 buy it now on ebay:
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    OK, that's some progress... but I'm a picky ******* and I want it ALL. Is there any incarnation of that ebay item (the price is certainly right!) that has onboard mem (like 128MB)? Also, on the topic of being picky, it still looks bigger than the cruzer mini, but then again the product I've created in my head is a phantom, so I shouldn't compare them

    Speaking of the cruzer mini, does anyone know why there are caps on both ends? in the pic I posted from, the USB male end is sticking out of one side of the mini, and there's a cap on the other end... is that just showing that you can put the cap there when you are using the US end (like a pen cap), or are there actually two caps? if there are two caps, what's the non-USB one doing?

    Thanks for your help folks.
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    Have you considered a JumpDive Trio? It sells for between $15 and $20. It does USB 2.0 and I've never needed to carry around a driver disk for it. Add an extra memory card to it and I think it should meet your needs.

    Lexar JumpDrive Trio

    It doesn't have onboard storage, but that would make it bigger. Also, how would you select which memory bank you were moving files to/from? An A/B switch? So, because you couldn't really use both banks at once, by keeping a card in there all the time and swapping it out with the Treo's when necessary, all of your goals can be met.

    I keep a 256MB Memory Stick in my Trio, and a 512MB card in my Treo 600 and carry them both anywhere I go. Hell, since getting the JumpDrive, I've removed the floppy drive from my computer and added a 7th hard drive!
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    There are devices out there that has onboard memory and card reader function, but they are also mp3 players. They are more expansive and bigger in size. Maybe just get one of those mini sync cable and use Card Export on the Treo. It is slow though.
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    I do have the Cruzer Mini, and what you want is impossible. A SD card is about 1 1/2 times wider than the Cruzer Mini.
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    Thanks everyone. I may end up with a JumpDrive.

    I will probably get CardExport for my PC, but it will not work on other computers (school, girlfriend's house, etc...) because I would need to install the CardExport drivers AND hotsync on any computer i wanted to use it on.

    As far as having a SD reader with onboard memory, they could use an A/B switch, or just be read as two removable drives. Right now I have 3 Hard drives plugged into a USB hub connected to my laptop with 1USB cable, so it can be done.

    I guess I would just like an SD card reader that is as small as possible. why does every card reader have to be like 8-in-1. I just feel like if they made a card reader that only supports SD cards, they could make it smaller than the ones that are out now. The onboard memory was jsut icing.
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    Can you verify that the JumpDrive Trio actually does transfer at USB 2.0 speeds. Being compatible with 2.0 ports and transferring at 2.0 speeds are two different things. Even though the faster cards couldn't take full advantage of 2.0 speed, it would still be at least 6 times faster (for an Ultra II card) than with a 1.1 USB port. Theoretically a 2.0 reader/writer should be able to fill a 256MB Ultra II SD card in half a minute. Based upon the description at Newegg, I decided against purchasing the JumpDrive Trio:

    Thanks in advance for the help!
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    I had the same concern regarding whether or not it was USB 2.0.

    I believe it is: Before buying, I had an online tech support session on their web site. I can remember them giving me the different transfer speeds based on use with USB 1.1 and 2.0 computers.

    Also, when you plug the drive into a non-USB 2.0 computer, Windows XP pops up a window announcing that "a high-speed devices is plugged into a non-high-speed hub and speeds will be decreased." The OS certainly seems to recognize the unit as being 2.0.

    Check out the reviews on Amazon where people have run benchmarks comparing the 1.1 and 2.0 speeds:

    JumpDrive Trio reviews on
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    For anyone whose interested, I found a small (relatively) USB flash drive which is also an SD/MMC card reader!

    The only problem is that it is only USB1.1

    But the way I see it, it's only a matter of time before they make a 2.0 version. If not them, then someone else.

    They come with onboard memory ranging from 32MB-512MB. sweet!
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    Perhaps the SimpleTech Bonsai USB 2.0 flash drive meets your requirements?

    About $16 at Insight without an SD card included.
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    That is pretty cool, but one of the big things I wanted is onborad memory and it doesn't look like this has it.

    Basically I want a flash drive with, say 256MB of mem onboard, then I want to be able to drop my SD card into it and R/W to that as a card reader. So far Kanguru is the only one that offer onboard mem in a SD card rreader.

    Thanks for the tip though.
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    Or something like this with Usb Key 128M, FM Radio, SD/MMC reader/writer, and MP3 player all in one:

    Kind of expansive at $80 range though.
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    That's very cool. But I'd rather save the size and cut the MP3 and FM radio functions (I can do those with my Treo).

    Thanks for the posts.
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    I decided to order and am very happy to report that it is a fully USB 2.0 device. Just a week ago it took 45 mins to transfer about 200MB of MP3's to my Sandisk 256MB Ultra II card using an old USB 1.1 reader/writer. Today, using the JumpDrive Trio I deleted all the MP3's in less than a minute and transferred over another 200MB's of MP3's in about another minute.

    Color me very happy

    It does feel a bit cheaply made though, so it might be worth your while to compare it to the SimpleTech device mentioned above, especially if you have no need for Memory Stick reading.
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    I think your old USB 1.1 writer is not running at full speed. At full speed, USB 1.1 can read/write at 1.5MBps. 200MB of data should take 2 to 3 minutes instead of 45 min! I just got a USB 1.1 reader/writer and I think it took about 3 min to fill my 256M card.

    USB 2.0 is great for SanDisk Ultra II or Simpletech Prox type of faster SD cards. But for most slower SD cards, since they are capped at 1.5 to 2.0 MBps write speed, USB 2.0 writer is not going to help much when the bottleneck is on the card.
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    here's the pic from neweggs site from which you referenced.

    I'd agree with your findings and just ordered one myself, i really think i'll like it since I also have sony digital cameras which use those dump memory sticks.

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    I use a jump drive trio and am very happy with it. I use it atleast 4-5 times a week to transfer files using my SanDisk Ultra 2 512 Meg card. It actually holds up quite well. I have had it over 2 months already and frequently toss it in a suit coat pocket or in my jeans pocket and have had no problems with it so far.


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