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    There seem to be a lot of tech-savvy people here who have solved issues that Sprint can't answer. Here goes...

    I Have recently downloaded Eudora freeware email to get around the problems of using Sprintpcs's web client. I currently have local MicroSoft Outlook (no Exchange server) and use Earthlink as my primary email account. In order to get email message alerts on my phone, I forward a copy of all Earthlink messages to the sprintpcs email account, which will forward an alert to my Treo 600. The main issue is this-with this set up is that I have to go to Earthlink and SprintPCS every few days and manually delete all of the emails to keep the boxes from filling up and rejecting new email. With Earthlink this is much easier than Sprint, which requires one to check the box manually on each email and then delete, page by page, and then have to empty the trash which can take 10-20 minutes per. The question is...are there any email clients that will automatically delete the email from the sprint server upon download? Or, is there another way to take Sprint out of the loop and download from Earthlink, but still have alerts when new messages are delivered?

    I also have the Eudora problem noted in an earlier thread, that after downloading email, the Inbox doesn't show up, or rather the email doesn't show in the Inbox, but if i touch the balnk screen, it will open an email and then I can close it and see the mail.

    Any thoughts?
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    I had the same Eudora problem and found you can rock the 5 way pad up or down and it'll redisplay the inbox.

    As for the Sprint mail, I have an IMAP server (you may want to check and see if Earthlink supports IMAP), so I can check mail but not send it. The Sprint app unfortunately does not allow for smtp authentication (a major oversight).
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    Try instead. It seems to be the best out there. I like it.
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    Thanks for the tip on the navagation key. That worked.

    As for the other answers, I'm not sure what an IMAP server is, but I can send email out on my phone now through the Sprint site. I'm still wondering if there is a way to get email alerts on the phone (or maybe a client that automatically grabs email periodically?) and not use Sprintpcs mail, mainly because maintaining the inbox is such a chore. Or use a mail client that can automatically delete downloaded email off of the sprint server after downloading, much like Outlook does when grabbing Earthlink mail.

    Also, I don't want to grab email directly from Earthlink if it deletes it from the server, because I need my desktop to have a copy of all email.

    Can Snapper Mail delete from the server after downloading?
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    I'm using the Pop mail reader for SprintPCS from PalmOne. It allows background checking of your pop mail with alerts. It is at Handspring's support download site.

    Works great!


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